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My Pepto and Me: a Love Story

I was introduced to Pepto as a teen who’d consumed too much candy one Halloween.  My mother produced it to silence my whining about frequent trips to the potty.  When I asked what it was, she said, “It’s like concrete for your bottom.”  I pictured my dad with a trowel […]


today I learned Care Bears have cousins

Apparently, I should have learned this in the ’80s, but I was busy watching the Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider back then, so I never noticed.  So, how did I learn about Care Bears’ cousins?  We got a box in the mail from Netflix that was addressed to me, […]


What she misses while at the beach

The oldest child living in our house turned 9 on July 16th.  She got to get a manicure and have a sushi lunch with her mom before coming home to bake cupcakes and open a wrapped Taylor Swift CD that she has not stopped listening to ever since. Right now, […]


The day I got my 1980 Buick stuck on a BMX track

The above is a picture of my first car; it was nicknamed “the digger” because of its proclivity to drive through yards and dig ditches.  I’m 3rd from the right and am surrounded by some of my friends (all but one are still friends today).  This is the story of […]


the nostalgic nature of Netflix

In honor of the release (or culling) of Netflix’s “heirloom” series of old school shows and movies that I probably watched and now like to show my children, they sent me a box of “Inspector Gadget” t-shirts and sheets for making a fort! Since my children are gifted (or have […]


Monitoring the children’s Netflix account

Whenever I talk to other parents about their kids’ TV viewing practices, many are surprised we don’t have cable (or even an antenna that works), and they often want to know what “screen time” is allowed and how it’s administered.  It’s pretty much “self serve” for the children, but we […]