how we did New Year’s Eve last year (and will do it again this year)


See how that works?  You can lie to your children if you want, or you can do like we did and watch the countdown on Netflix and then watch some footage of fireworks in London and tell them we’re celebrating with the Mother Land.  Whichever.  Either way, you get to bring the little ones into the celebration of 2016, and then let them go to bed before the Alabama game at 8pm.

Happy New Year’s!

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  1. I’ve been with Netflix for 5 years. I’ve been throttled all the time but I’ve dealt with it. My polbrem now is that I keep receiving discs that just won’t play. They don’t look scratched, they aren’t broken, they just won’t play! The disc will just sit in my dvd player and continue to Load for forever! And of course, it’s happening with the new releases I’ve been lucky enough to get right away! Is Netflix making their own copies of dvds? The gray disc with white writing sure doesn’t look like the discs I rent at the store! These are the discs that won’t play in either one of my dvd players! I’ve reported them as damaged and they sent another copy out right away that does the same exact thing!! What’s up with all that?? If this keeps up, I’m probably going to finally throw in the towel and cancel my Netflix.

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