December 2023: Australia + New Zealand

We concluded our best travel year ever with one of our best trips: Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks! Here are December’s 31 seconds; I’ll supplement with more photos and info on the trip later on… And, here is all of 2023’s “one second every day” compilation video !

June 2023 — Greece

We left Memorial Day weekend on a direct flight to Athens. We attended an AirBnB “experience” during which a man in a toga taught us that the penalty for adultery in ancient Greece was “radishes in the ass.” We learned more than that about the ancient Greeks, but that’s what […]

November 2022

November began with a legal conference before the Mrs and I flew to Copenhagen for our anniversary weekend, where we enjoyed some of the best restaurants in the world, closely following the stops enjoyed on Somebody Feed Phil’s Denmark episode. Then we saw Billy Joel + Lionel Ritchie with friends […]

October 2022

In October, I had 5 work-related trips that we did our best to turn into fun. One was to Portland, Maine, so I hit my 43rd U.S. National Park–Acadia ! We started in Myrtle Beach, flew to Phoenix, then drove to Jekyll Island, GA, and then flew to Baha Mar […]

June 2022

In June, I spent my 47th birthday weekend in Chicago, where we kayaked the river, had dinner at Alinea, saw a “close up” magic show, visited another Hemingway home (his childhood one this time!), enjoyed late night speakeasies, and got Covid again (the Mrs and I did, anyway). Before I […]