I started blogging a decade ago during an Air Force deployment to Iraq and kept at it when I got back.  Since then, I’ve written for DadCentric, City Dads Group, Humor Blogs, and other sites.  This site is primarily for our family travels and adventures, because I forget stuff if I don’t write it down.

Who am I?  A guy who wasn’t sure he’d ever get married or have children but found himself with 4 children, a wife, and a dog in 5 years.  A guy who’s deployed to Iraq twice, visited all 50 United States, run with the bulls of Pamplona, attended the past 8 Mardi Gras, and twice flew to Munich for Oktoberfest.  A guy who goes to church for redemption and goes to trial for a living.  A guy who, in most senses of the phrase, has “it all,” but doesn’t have it all figured out.