I started blogging in 2007 during an Air Force deployment to Iraq and kept at it when I got back.  Since then, I’ve written for DadCentric, City Dads Group, Humor Blogs, and other sites.  This site is primarily for our family travels and adventures, because I forget stuff if I don’t write it down.

Our family trips include 2 girls with a boy in the middle; they’re led by an archeologist-turned-writer/influencer mom and a dad who’s deployed to Iraq twice, visited all 50 United States, run with the bulls of Pamplona, attended the past 15+ Mardi Gras, walked across England along Hadrian’s Wall, and four times visited Munich for Oktoberfest.

Our current objective is to visit as many U.S. National Parks (so far at 48/63!) and interesting foreign countries (34 so far!) as possible before the skymiles run out.


  1. Hi,
    My name is Tiphaine and I have been following your wife for a loong time now. I quit all social networks but I do miss your family’s stories!
    It seems that Deborah is not much of a writer lately (you should tell her 😉 )
    Is there a way to register and get the news on your last posts ?
    Big hello from Portugal from a french woman (when are you coming this way ??), my love to Deborah!

  2. Hello! I’m not sure…maybe bloglovin’ is a good way to get updates (like feedburner back in the day) for both of our blogs?! That’s what I use. Here’s a link: https://www.bloglovin.com/ By the way, Deb writes a lot over at https://murdermysteryquilt.com/ –you should check it out!

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