the worst Thanksgiving dish I ever had

The next suggestion from the “642 Things to Write About” book is this:  “the worst Thanksgiving dish I ever had.”

This may appear to be a question avoidance strategy, but the worse meal I’ve had on Thanksgiving is…nothing–or next to nothing.

In high school, I was a wrestler, and Thanksgiving occurs in the middle of wrestling season.  I always had to watch my weight, but my sophomore year and my senior year were the two in which the struggle was most pronounced, as I dropped to 119# and 135# respectively.  My senior year at 135 lbs was the most difficult season I ever had for weight maintenance, as I’d been about 153lbs before the season began and was 7% body fat (during the season, I dropped below 4%).  So, during Thanksgiving 1992, I had a few scraps of white meat,  some green beans, and water before going for a run around my grandparents’ neighborhood in Birmingham.

Since that year, I’ve been the most gluttonous person at whatever table I find myself every year at Thanksgiving, because I can be.

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  1. Pretty Bride

    Where’s the list of all the amazing dishes in which you gave unapologetically indulged since then?? I WANT DETAILS SO I CAN TASTE THEM AGAIN THROUGH YOUR EYES.

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