What can happen in a second?

A couple weeks ago, I was at a local store I like to endorse any time we need something framed called Binders.  The children were with us and were picking out items to break, take, or insist that we buy for them.  Among them was the 9-year-old’s choice of a book that was a sequel to another book that seems to serve as an impetus for writing things; the original was called “642 Things to Write About.”  I bought them the version containing things to draw and told the 3 of them to share it for use  on interstate road trips instead of repeating profanity they’ve heard from me or arguing so loudly that I can’t hear the INXS station on Pandora.


However, I bought myself the book with ideas to write about, because I don’t write very much, and I miss it, and I thought the book would help, and even though it has lines in it for writing with one’s hands, my handwriting is truly awful, and since I have this blog, I’m going to do it here instead.

The first entry says:  “what can happen in a second”

Sadly, the first response that comes to mind when I read this writing prompt is “you can get hurt.”

Why?  Because my law practice is about helping injured people.  Every new call is a new injury.  Every old call is an update on an old injury.  Every problem I try to solve, argument I work to craft, and deadline I try to meet involves an injury.  All are unexpected and unwanted.  Many are no one’s fault (workers’ compensation is a “no fault” system).  But most all happen in a second.

This response also came to mind immediately because I’m injured, and it happened in a second.  One second I was doing some kettle bell swings, then I felt a bit of a pop, and my left shoulder has been in agony ever since.  I’ve been going to physical therapy twice a week for the past couple months to try and get better.

I also have lateral epicondilitis in my right forearm.  It actually happened in more than a second.  I woke up after a workout involving lots of power cleans, and there it was.  It breaks up the monotony of PT to have more than one problem area.

I’m sure there are lots of good things that can happen in a second, but in my world these days–it’s injury.  That said, it makes me grateful for my otherwise very good health, as I know several folks with major health issues right now.

And that concludes my first entry from this new category on my web log.


  1. Pretty Bride

    As I recall, one second we weren’t married, and the next second we were. Good things happen in a second, too–even great ones. xoxox

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