today I learned Care Bears have cousins

O opening box Apparently, I should have learned this in the ’80s, but I was busy watching the Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider back then, so I never noticed.  So, how did I learn about Care Bears’ cousins?  We got a box in the mail from Netflix that was addressed to me, but the children always know these things are really for them.  Inside were furry creatures that are supposedly related to the Care Bears.  I didn’t recognize them, but the children did, as they watch these creatures on the Netflix.

L by box w netflix stickers on mackbook

They also sent us relics from the 1980s, like a Rubik’s cube that my son promptly “ruined” by messing up the uniform colors it has when the puzzle is “solved.”  I told him the only way we’ll ever have it back to normal will probably involve removing stickers (that’s how we did it in the 80s, anyway).  There were also some “care bears” t-shirts for all 5 of us.  We’ve all worn them, but not yet at the same time.  I like wearing mine to Crossfit classes to make sure no one thinks I’m going to post our workout on Instagram or Facebook.

3 babies opening box

There were also some hair scrunchy things that the girls have used every day since opening the box, all the while with no idea that they’re relics from the 80s.

Netflix has also asked that I help get the word out about their new Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites, which are awesome for when the children want “just one more show/story/snack/glass of water/shred of my patience” before bed.  Because you can be all, “Well, okay…just 1 more episode” and then play one of these episodes, which are only 5 minutes long.  So, you don’t lie to your progeny, but you still cut the pre-bedtime stalling to a minimum, as in 5 minutes.  Sounds pretty rad to me.



  1. Pretty Bride

    Removing and replacing the stickers has a name. It’s called “cheating.”

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