What she misses while at the beach

The oldest child living in our house turned 9 on July 16th.  She got to get a manicure and have a sushi lunch with her mom before coming home to bake cupcakes and open a wrapped Taylor Swift CD that she has not stopped listening to ever since.

beach shot

Right now, we’re in Sandestin, Florida, where I have a continuing legal education (CLE) seminar, and the children are spending each day at the beach.  Sometimes, like right now, they watch a bit of TV while I work.  And what does the 9-year-old miss while away from home?   Netflix (though I suppose they could watch on an ipad, but the screen’s so little!).  She’s having to suffer through Nickelodean and all its many many commercials.

buried in sand

Luckily, she’s burying her angst as she buries her sister.


  1. Pretty Bride

    She finally learned to make that “ugh!” noise that tween girls do so well–about the number of commercials on broadcast television. Thank goodness for Netflix and on-demand streaming–I hated the commercials at least as much as she did!!

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