my kids’ interpretation of the “Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show”

Apparently, there’s a show on Netflix that involves a really smart dog who invents things and once adopted a boy named Sherman, and now they have a show together that involves interviewing persons who’ve traveled through time in a “waybac” machine the dog invented.

9yo reading directions for mr p set

My children like it, so when we got a box in the mail from Netflix containing talk show props and masks to reenact the show, they were on board.  Our only problems were a lack of a working time machine and the fact that our dog is nowhere near as smart as Mr. Peabody (my apologies, Winnie).

my 9yo reading Mr P

They donned the masks and asked original questions like, “What was King Tut really like?” or some of the provided questions like, “If you could travel anywhere in the whole world, where would you go?”

cleopatra mask

Oddly, Cleopatra’s response was what I would expect a 7-year-old boy to say:  “I’d go to South Dakota during dinosaur times, so I could see Sue before she was just bones!”

coffee cup and mic

I like knowing that the children have lots of educational content to entertain them when we don’t want to get out of bed at a decent hour on Saturday mornings after a Halloween party, like this one.  Thank you for that, Netflix.  Winnie forgives you for her newly-developed inferiority complex.

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