our youngest is now 4

She insists she’s not a baby, a practice she’s maintained for over 2 years now.  I’m beginning to think she might be right.

BL is 4

She reads simple sentences, does basic arithmetic, and can converse with adults when the need arises.

She follows instructions well.

at recital BL

And she knows the benefit of being first to the mailbox when it’s your birthday.

at mailbox

She’s the most cheerful and animated person I’ve ever met.  I can’t wait to watch her spread her contagious joy to all who meet her for years to come.

Happy 4th birthday, little girl (i.e., not baby).


  1. Pretty Bride

    Sweetest little face ever. Still a baby.

  2. I put it on at least twice a day to my face and neck.

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