What few hills we have in Atlanta are alive

When I was in law school, a major impediment to my doing well on exams was the propensity of one of the TV stations to show “The Sound of Music” every mid-December.  I know a single dude in his 20s isn’t necessarily supposed to love a movie from 1965 that features love and a bunch of singing, but I did.  This only got worse when I spent a summer studying international arbitration in Austria.

So, when I was 30-something, had a daughter named Liesl, and was fresh off a trip to Oktoberfest in Munich, I decided our family had a perfect group costume for Halloween last fall:

halloween 2013

We watched the Netflix Blu-ray of the movie a few days before trick or treating, so the kids would be familiar with who they were supposed to be and a few of the songs.  They loved it.  So did our neighbors when we rang each one’s doorbell to request candy.  In fact, I can safely say were the most popular family at the ‘hood Halloween party.

Maybe next year, they’ll be ready to do this:

I’m certain in 10 years, when the children are in high school and think their parents are as far from cool as is Atlanta from Alberta, all I’ll have to do is show them the picture above and let them bask in the awesomeness.


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