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the Golden Isles of Georgia and Savannah

This year, my annual workers’ compensation law conference was held at the Jekyll Island Convention Center instead of its usual location on Saint Simons Island, but since we’re more familiar with the latter location, we opted to stay there and just let me drive a bit farther to my conference […]

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October 2016

I love October.  We get dropping temperatures (most years), a trip to Saint Simons Island for my annual conference, and Halloween.  Some years, we take an additional work-related trip, but this year, the military interfered with that plan. This year, we took our newish electric car to SSI.  It took […]

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the annual trip to Saint Simons Island

For the 4th consecutive year, I took the family with me for my annual workers’ comp law seminar at Saint Simons Island in southeast Georgia (I’ve gone every year since starting in 2004, save 2007, when I was in Iraq).  This year was a bit different in that I had […]

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