2019’s trip to Saint Simons Island

My annual workers’ comp law conference didn’t coincide with Columbus Day weekend this year, so we didn’t get a 5-day weekend like last year, but we made time for our 8th annual photo on the Gnat’s Landing bulldog, and I won some great bottles of Four Roses and a weekend on Lake Lanier at a charity silent auction (not quite as good a haul as last year’s Waffle House jukebox, but still):

We stayed at King & Prince again, which allowed the children long hours of beach time to explore the tide pools behind the hotel while I attended continuing legal education seminars the first half of each day. We had lunch at Southern Soul bbq the first day, which I think I’ve decided is my favorite bbq anywhere (certainly in Georgia); we also had the amazing empanadas Phil loved so much from Del Sur for dinner!

We had to head home Saturday so I could be at Dobbins Air Force Base the rest of the weekend, so the trip was shorter than usual, but I’m glad we could return to what’s become the annual “beach trip” most families seem to take to the Florida panhandle every Spring and/or Summer, but we do it in the Fall when I have to go anyway to keep my law license.

Next year, the oldest will be in high school, so skipping a couple days of school to go to a barrier island in October may not be feasible (assuming it’s not Columbus Day weekend again), but I’m hoping to have a 9th consecutive photo like the one above and for said photo to perpetuate past the time the 3 of them can sit on a painted concrete dog before watching college football over grouper sandwiches and pickle spears.

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  1. Deborah Moebes

    I could never have predicted how important this trip would become to our family. Or how much it would make my heart warm to put these photos side by side. I didn’t have that consistency as a kid, and offering it to ours is feeding something I didn’t know was starved. ❤️❤️❤️

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