October 2016

I love October.  We get dropping temperatures (most years), a trip to Saint Simons Island for my annual conference, and Halloween.  Some years, we take an additional work-related trip, but this year, the military interfered with that plan.

This year, we took our newish electric car to SSI.  It took longer, but we enjoyed our charging stops along the way in Macon and Savannah.  Just before we left, I slapped on a license plate from 1985 and took what may be my favorite picture ever:


Once we arrived, we spent a few days at the beach, and on Saturday, as is custom, we went to Gnat’s Landing to have lunch and watch the Alabama football game.  Just before we walked in, we paused for the 5th consecutive “kids on a dog” photo:


Previous years’ “kids on the dog” photos can be found here.


The following weekend, my bride was out of town, but I scored last minute tickets to Adele and took our 10-year-old to her first concert.  We loved it.  I’ve seen Beyonce, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Heart, Joan Jett, and many other male and female performers this year, but I enjoyed this show the most from the female group!



October concluded with Halloween.  The past several years, we’ve dressed as a family.  This year, after they saw England, Scotland, and Jamestown this summer, the children wanted to dress in a Revolutionary War theme, so here we are —


George and Martha, Betsy Ross, Paul Revere, and a dreaded Readcoat!

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  1. This was such a good, good month. Maybe the best October in a whole year! xo

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