Georgian zombies are my guilty pleasure

A few years ago, I accidentally turned on the TV on a Sunday afternoon and saw a building on Peachtree where I worked while in law school (a few blocks from the school itself).  I put the remote down.  Then I saw Freedom Parkway, and a dude on a horse trotting along side scores of abandoned cars.  It looked like the familiar scene I’d see every evening when driving home from work (other than the cop on a horse), but something was different…oh yes, there were zombies shuffling about, and they were eating commuters!  That I’d never seen before.


I’d stumbled upon a marathon showing of “The Walking Dead” before its first season’s finale, and I’ve been hooked on the horrific dystopian portrayal of the town I’ve called home since 1997 ever since.  Most of the time, I watch on Sunday evenings (it’s the only TV show I watch), so that I start my work week with just the right amount of terror and cynicism one needs to practice law successfully in a combative litigation practice.  However, on the Sunday nights I’m traveling, at a concert, or am not wishing to be disgusted, I rely on Netflix’s streaming of the old episodes of “The Walking Dead” to fill in the gaps from episodes missed.  It may very well be what one would call a “mixed blessing,” but I partake of it nonetheless.


  1. Pretty Bride

    After the baby was born, I had to quit watching. Too dark, man. This is one guilty pleasure you’ll have to enjoy on your own–I’ll be streaming Once Upon A Time in the other room, thanks to our multi-streaming plan!

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