Why I’m walking 84 miles this July

the wall

Right now, a bunch of us are at the Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington DC, and we’ve just announced that a dozen of us are walking Hadrian’s Wall this summer to raise money for Camp Kesem, and that there will be a new camp at the University of Maryland in honor of Oren Miller, who died of cancer last year (and is a U. of MD alumnus, along with his wife).

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Camp Kesem is an organization that supports children through the struggle of having a parent with cancer; they host events–camps–at college campuses all over the country.  Our group’s fundraising page is at dads4kesem.com.  You should support our trip.  It’ll help 6,000 children this year.  All proceeds go to setting up camps (i.e., we walkers are covering our own travel, lodging, food–thanks, Delta sky miles!).

Delta flight to UK

I’ve personally lost grandparents to cancer and several good friends from school.  And you know what?  So have you.

Let’s give children who are facing such loss some support, okay?  Here’s the link to make it happen:  www.Dads4Kesem.com

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