How to “single parent” a sick 4-year-old

The day before Thanksgiving, I had a mediation set for 9am.  A couple hours later, my client and I realized the insurance company was not going to bridge the still-remaining $500,000 gap, so we left.  I checked my phone.  My bride and the 3 small children had been at the pediatrician’s office, and the youngest tested positive for strep throat (she had a fever the night before).  We met for lunch, and I was to take the ill 4-year-old home while the other 2 + their mom went to the clinic by our house to get tested themselves.

Me:  But what am I supposed to do all day?  I haven’t been to the office today, so I have a bunch of work to catch up on.
Her:  Go on Netflix, choose the kids’ profile, and see what she’d like to see.  I suggest “Peg + Cat.”
Me:  I hate cats…that show sounds like it sucks.
Her:  It doesn’t suck!  It’s a critical thinking problem solving show for preschoolers.  You want her to take over your law practice one day, right?

And so we went home to watch Peg+Cat.  Or, my youngest daughter did.  I answered emails and phone calls.

resting BL

She was happily engaged until she fell asleep, and I didn’t have to feel guilty for putting her in front of the so-called “electronic baby sitter” so I could work, because she was learning stuff.

When she awoke, I asked her about the show and what she liked about it:

Her:  That in every one, they have a big problem, and they solve it.
Me:  Do you ever know the solution before you see it?
Her:  Yes.  Sometimes I can know the solution before they do.
Me:  How?
Her:  Because I do!

And there you have it.


  1. Pretty Bride

    See?!? Netflix makes children EVEN smarter than your gene pool! It’s like magic, but on WiFi.

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