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the attack

She lunged at my face; I raised my arms to shield the attack, and her incisors clenched my right forearm as she shook her head from side to side, driving a canine deep into my flesh near the elbow. I came up to my knees and grabbed at her neck […]

more Covid Camping near Atlanta

My Eagle scout friend Jody (whose ceremony I attended nearly 30 years ago) planned a family camping trip to Cloudland Canyon State Park in northwest GA for his birthday weekend, so being a good friend, I invited myself (plus my 3 children, wife, and dog) to join. We enjoyed it […]

a weekend in Chicago during Covid

I haven’t flown on a non-Delta aircraft in over a decade, but when a travel newsletter I get said American had round-trip flights to Chicago for $49 a few months ago, I bought 5 for the weekend of Sept. 11. Why that date and that city? In 1997, I graduated […]

Zion National Park

I have a National Parks bucket list, and hiking The Narrows and Angels Landing at Zion National Park have been near the top of said list for at least as long as there’s been an Instagram. We concluded our tour of the Utah National Parks with visiting my most anticipated […]

Teaching Kids Empathy

I was supposed to make a video for a brand a few months ago that instructed children how to be more empathetic. The client rejected it for “copyright infringement” and an “inappropriate reference to my giving a golden shower 35 years ago or so.” And so, I’ll just post it […]

Bryce Canyon National Park during Covid-19

I’ve had some amazing experiences at the 33 U.S. National Parks I’ve visited: rock climbing in Yosemite, biking through snow above the Grand Canyon, paddling under snakes at Congaree, hearing a ceremonial flute serenade at Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde. At Bryce Canyon, however, I had 2 experiences that rival […]

Socially Distant Utah at Capitol Reef National Park

We awoke at Capitol Reef, Utah’s least visited of its 5 national parks, and had a lousy breakfast at Pioneer Kitchen before going by the visitor center for junior ranger workbooks and hiking the 2.25-miles-each-way Grand Wash trail in the bottom of a canyon with 800′ sandstone walls. It was […]

Socially Distant Utah, from Canyonlands to Capitol Reef

We stopped at Lin Ottinger’s Moab Rock Shop on our way out of Moab, where we saw dinosaur fossils and gems from all over the world strewn about dusty shelves both inside and outside the store. A Japanese man interviewed the elderly shop owner as a lighting crew and cinematographer […]


Socially Distant Utah, starting with Moab

We flew into Salt Lake City on July 4 and headed south to Arches National Park early on the 5th, bunking in Moab at the Gonzo Inn. We stopped by the park for junior ranger booklets and to pull over at a spot that allowed me to take a photograph […]