November 2023: Vegas, L.A., and Covid 3

November was rough…October’s travels meant lots of long days at the office in November, but I did get to see my first Formula One race (a few practice laps until a manhole cover took out a Ferrari) before my bride met me for a weekend in L.A. for the Darker Waves music festival, which we loved.

We met my friend Jody and his daughters on our land in Alabama for a camping weekend, and I got Covid in Vegas (right before Thanksgiving), so everyone who was coming bailed, but we enjoyed the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy to pre-game for December’s travels, and I saw a few seasons of “Suits” on Netflix when I wasn’t at work 10 hours/day. Apparently, I only get Covid when traveling (Miami in ’21 + Chicago in ’22).

December should be even busier, as the year closes out and we prepare for holiday travels…until then…here’s to over 50 months of recording a second from every day.

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