Not your guru

The best show I’ve seen on Netflix this month was its original documentary (of sorts) about Tony Robbins called “I Am Not Your Guru.”

I was enticed to watch it after listening to an interview with him on Tim Ferriss’s podcast (for the 3rd time…all were great) in which he referenced the film by Netflix, and I’m glad I did.  It was insightful, motivating, and emotional for all involved–worth a couple hours of my time to watch.  Since then, I’ve read about half of his most recent book (that I bought a couple years ago but forgot I had until this week) and have, as a result, completely changed my retirement savings allocations (the book is about money and investing).

See?  Results!  Hopefully.

Check it out.


  1. Thanks, I just got the “free” book for $7.95 off his site. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it!

    • i’m halfway finished and like it so far…will probably make more changes to my retirement money as i get farther into it (that’s the only real “investments” i have right now)!

  2. I totally cried at least three times during that movie. I think what got me is that even though he seems pretty slick and a little corny, he really, really cares about these people and wants to do good in the world–and they are touched and changed by that. Pretty impressive.

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