I never knew I wanted to be the King of Soup. Until now.

Just the other day, the postman brought 4 bags of potato soup mix from Idahoan® Foods to try, so I partnered with Life of Dad and the good Idahoans to turn my backyard into a kickass steakhouse with outdoor seating.

We started with boiling water on the stove.

Then, I poured in the potato soup.

The children volunteered to make it into a romantic evening and served as hostess, server, and sommelier. They made name tags and menus, and they set the speakers to the “Symphonic Classical” Pandora station.

It was as nice as a card table on a backyard patio could be.

My boy insisted on heavy pours of the Pinot and then started asking about next year’s Christmas presents before I slowed his roll.

They were most proud of their service, as I was most proud of how the pork chops and soup turned out.

Once we sat down to eat, the fruits of my labor were enjoyed by the fruits of my loins.  It was beautiful.  I’d arrived as the #KingofSoup.

Thanks to Idahoan® Foods for sponsoring this evening, my 10, 8, and 6 year olds for servicing it,  and to Mother Nature for providing the January warm front that made an outdoor dining experience viable!  If you want this for your backyard or kitchen, go to Idahoan.com or follow @IdahoanFoods on social media.

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