March 2016 has been all about the Legos

March began with the launch of “Lego Bionicle” and “Lego Friends” shows on Netflix.  I don’t always pay attention to my new suggestions for streaming shows to check out, but my children apparently do–by the time some Legos came in the mail from Netflix, they were already familiar with the characters.  I’m not sure if the creators’ intent was for the former show to be marketed toward boys and the latter one for girls, but that’s certainly how my progeny wished to divide their spoils when the box appeared on our front porch.  They were very excited and began building them immediately.

Kids playing w Legos

Also this month, the Atlanta LegoLand Discovery Center invited us over to see a new “4D” movie they released and then again to see the new Pirate Adventure Island–an interactive play area featuring a giant pirate ship (that was strong enough for me to climb and run all over it with the children), a boat building + racing area down a water chute, and some other cool stuff.  We loved it.

Emmet and i lego pirate and i

While we like to encourage the children to play outside as much as possible (and they often bring their Legos outdoors), it rains a good bit during springtime in Atlanta, and Netflix or LegoLand are great ways for all of us to engage with one another when it does.

boat races

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  1. Pretty Bride

    I think having the play area open to the rest of LegoLand and making it strong enough for adults to play on it was genius. It always felt a little like Lego-lovers Jail before, and lots of adults wandered around ready to leave while their kids played. Now, people seem to want to stay longer. When the heat gets too intense this summer, they’re going to be over-run!

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