June 2022

In June, I spent my 47th birthday weekend in Chicago, where we kayaked the river, had dinner at Alinea, saw a “close up” magic show, visited another Hemingway home (his childhood one this time!), enjoyed late night speakeasies, and got Covid again (the Mrs and I did, anyway). Before I figured out I may be ill, we biked throughout the city, toured Soldier Field, and saw the Cubs at Wrigley and old friends like Jesse (whom I worked with at IBM in 1998) and his family, plus my OG bogging friend, Jim Higley.

I tried a case from my office via Zoom and returned to Buck’s Pocket State Park to camp over Father’s Day weekend, riding the motorcycle into town for supplies, as my Volvo SUV got a flat and had to be towed an hour away to Huntsville overnight.

The month concluded well, at least, with a trip to New Orleans (my 3rd of 2022 and 28th overall) for a work conference just after I learned both my paralegals would be leaving in a few days. So, the most stressful month I’ve ever had in the workplace was broken up with some nice trips out of town.

Bring on July.

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  1. Deborah Moebes

    You’re the super cutest.

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