The annual St. Simons Island visit as a #healthydad (hopefully)

Every year in October since passing the bar exam in 2004, I come spend a few days at St. Simons Island for a continuing legal education (“CLE”) seminar on workers’ compensation law.  The first several years, when I was a 20-something, it was an exercise in seeing how much I could imbibe, how little I could sleep, and how much “face time” I could have at the required classes with my supervising partners.  For the past 3 years, however, I’ve taken my children, and since my only supervising partner is the guy whose underpants I don each morning, I try to show up on time and pay attention in class more, (and get more sleep) since the person whose underpants I don is also the one subject to malpractice if I screw up.

Being 10 years older and coming down here with my children also reinforces my desire to be physically and emotionally healthy, so we always strive to include active play in our afternoons of relaxation by the water.  So, in that vein, I shot the below short video for inclusion in the Healthy Dads video series Blue Cross Blue Shield (including is sponsoring this month:

Thanks to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia, who sponsored the campaign, for including dads in this important discussion about family health care. My views are based solely on my experience as a parent, and not as a medical professional, though I do have JURIS DOCTOR.

If you too want to show off how you’re a healthy dad (and possibly win a $100 gift card), go to for details!

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