Football and “The Walking Dead” are over, so we cut the cord

I should have done this a long time ago, but a couple weeks ago, I called AT&T U-verse and told them to increase the speed of our home internet connection (I thought we had the fastest plan, but they just came out with a faster one) and cancel the cable TV.  It took me 30 minutes to finally convince the lady who answered the phone that yes, I don’t want any TV channels, as I systematically rejected each new offer of discounts and bundles.  Finally, I said:  “Look.  I don’t give a damn what you offer me–college football season and ‘The Walking Dead’ are finished until the fall, so I have no desire to watch TV.  Nothing you offer me will convince me that I need TV channels.”  She acted like I told her I was taking a hiatus from eating, as phrases like “I REALLY hate for you to have to be without TV” and “I just want to help you avoid this situation” came from her end of the phone.

Finally, it was done.

Do we miss TV?  No.  I pretty much spent my entire 20s with no cable TV except for during football season, so it never was an issue for me.  As far as the children?  They don’t miss it either, thanks for our Netflix subscription.  They just turn on the Roku box, pick the Netflix app, choose the “babies” profile, and  watch another Wild Kratts episode (or another informative, educational, and age-appropriate show that originated on PBS) or Netflix original show like the “Playmobil Super 4” show that they love.

O the pirate

M coloring

So, we’re saving money and keeping the children from seeing advertisements (which will save us even more money).

And as for my Sunday nights?  I’ve replaced the “Dead” with “Daredevil.”  It works.


  1. Pretty Bride

    I feel so grown-up and responsible. And commercial-free!

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