December 2022

In December, we got to see Phil again when he came to Atlanta for a book signing and Q&A.

We had several holiday parties (but fewer than we did before Covid), took an impromptu trip to Miami Beach for a new attorney friend’s 10-year anniversary as a firm, and I got a car for our 16-year-old that I promptly (i.e., before getting home with it from the broker) wrecked when an elderly lady left her husband’s grave, went through a red light, and got smashed by my daughter’s soon-to-be VW SUV.

Afterward, I started myriad medical appointments and took my first sick day since being self-employed to deal with extended dizziness and nausea. I’m still waiting on results of the brain MRI with DTI. The day before the MVA, I had to fire a dishonest paralegal and am dealing with the aftermath of same (and an impending defamation suit to file). The day before that, I lost a friend to addiction.

2023 will likely necessitate some major pivots or changes, but those will have to be decided upon and enacted in the coming weeks. Here are December 2022’s 1-second clips:

And, while we’re here, feel free to check out all of 2022 in its 1-second-per-day glory, as its compilation video is below. I like how I found amusing or interesting seconds in every day during what was one of the hardest years I’ve ever had (the hardest I’ve ever worked, by far).

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  1. Deborah Moebes

    You’re the bravest man I know.

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