Camping and Ziplining at Guntersville State Park

Just over 2 hours from Atlanta is a state park in Alabama a few minutes from where my parents live, and since we had a Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures rain check (more accurately, a “torrential, lightning-filled, and utterly destructive storm” check) left from Fathers Day weekend, we used it in late October to see what ziplining is all about.

The weather provided panoramic views of the Sunday sunrise from atop a tree canopy overlooking a beautiful lake. See the lake? It’s to our left.

The perched 20-something guides who helped with transitions seemed to like that a fog had settled in, as it was “Cool, like we’re in the clouds!” but all I could think was, “Where’d Guntersville Lake go?”

Once we were out of the trees, we left the state park and our deer-filled campsite to meet my folks for Moe’s Original BBQ before heading back to Atlanta.

I’ve wanted to try ziplining ever since I cashed out several years of USAA points on 2 plane tickets to Costa Rica, but since the Mrs was pregnant, she didn’t feel we (i.e., she) should do such, so I’ve been waiting 10 years to try it. We enjoyed it, but the experience made us want to go on the higher, longer, and faster course, which apparently requires more weight than my youngest 2 have this year, meaning we’ll just have to go back.

We also enjoyed using our tents, cots, and other gear at a new campground by Guntersville Lake, despite my folks’ incredulity at our sleeping outside when their house full of guestrooms lay 15 minutes away. It was a short trip, but it was fun. And is there anything more 2020 than camping in the rain? Only if we’d caught the Covid.

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