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October 2021 in 31 seconds

October featured our 10th “high on the dog” photo of the children at Gnat’s Landing at Saint Simons Island, some shooting, some fishing, some biking, some fine dining, and our 10th consecutive coordinated family Halloween costume.

September 2021’s 30 seconds

In September, we camped out at Oak Mountain State Park near Birmingham, celebrated my bride’s birthday in Austin, watched horses race at Churchill Downs in Louisville, and enjoyed nearly a week at The Breakers in West Palm Beach for a legal conference. I’m gonna miss it.

August 2021 in 31 seconds

August. We went back to school and continued with Zoom meetings, yes, but we also dived Loch Low-Minn, kayaked the Hiwassee, mountain biked in north GA, threw axes, starting rucking, and saw our first concert in…forever! Here it is in 31 seconds:

31 seconds of July 2021

The start of July 2021 saw another 5 flights cancelled, bringing the total Covid count to 37, but we found new ways to seek adventure, going camping in the rain in Alabama, beaching at Amelia Island in Florida, riding horses in California, and enjoying new experiences in our own neighborhood […]

from Yellowstone to Rushmore

We flew into Jackson Hole airport in Wyoming the day after my 46th birthday and left 10 days later, via Rapid City in South Dakota, so that we could bring the children’s U.S. National Parks total to 33 and mine to 38–our first extended (i.e., more than a long weekend) […]

June 2021 in 30 seconds

We hit 5 National Parks across 5 states, caught trout on fly rods, drove tanks on Father’s Day, and got the children open water SCUBA certified. I turned a year older with friends from all facets of my life: grade school, high school, undergrad, law school, the Air National Guard, […]

May 2021 in 31 seconds

May 2021, when we sorta kinda thought about a life of normalcy like in 2019 but it was also very much like 2020. We had ballet recitals and scuba lessons for the children, a trip to the Montgomery Zoo, and ended the month with learning to fly fish at Pursell […]

a very Covid south Florida

We pushed through a port-o-john door covered in stickers, walked past the urinals, and entered the hidden bar behind Bodega Taqueria for what I’d thought would be a quiet speakeasy like the ones we’ve visited in Denver, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Rome, Paris, Kyoto, Boston, New York, Chicago, and San […]