April 6 – my 5th soloversary

April 6 was my 5th soloversary, meaning it was the 5th anniversary of my leaving my job and starting my own firm.  I’m not good at simple celebrations that last one day, so I didn’t have one.

We drove to northern Alabama and left the 3 youngsters at my parents’ house; the next morning, my bride and I drove to Tuscaloosa.  We immediately went to Dreamland for 1.5 racks of my favorite ribs anywhere.

dreamland bbq ribs

I was hoping for some quality time walking around campus, but instead I had to find the nearest walk-in clinic for the suddenly appearing rash on my backside and arms that felt like a severe sunburn.  One steroid shot to the hip and a few prescriptions later, we were checking into our hotel and changing clothes for the 100 year anniversary of the Jasons Mens Honorary at Foster Auditorium.

betas who were jasons

I enjoyed seeing old friends from undergrad–several I hadn’t seen since 1997.

The next morning, we had breakfast at The Waysider, drove back to Atlanta in the rain, watched the newest “Captain America” movie, and then ate at Peter Cheng’s newest Atlanta Chinese restaurant before going home.  The next night, we had a steak dinner at Hal’s.  Clearly, I like to celebrate milestones (and time away from the children) by eating out.


The following evening, one of my colleagues took me to the Hawks-Celtics game, and  he had court side seats….as in row 1, feet on the hardwoods!  Best view I’ve ever had at a sporting event.

bball game


Starting my own firm was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and it’s had an enormous impact on our family’s life in numerous ways.  Here’s hoping to have many more soloversary celebrations for decades to come!


  1. Pretty Bride

    Always proud of you, in so many ways. This has been an incredible five years–we are, like, totally better people now than we were when you took that leap. Glad I suggested it (and glad you were awesome enough to make it happen).

    Here’s to fifty more years of eatin’ ribs to celebrate!

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