Month: November 2015

today I learned Care Bears have cousins

Apparently, I should have learned this in the ’80s, but I was busy watching the Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider back then, so I never noticed.  So, how did I learn about Care Bears’ cousins?  We got a box in the mail from Netflix that was addressed to me, […]


a weekend in Vieques, Puerto Rico

When we got hitched 10 years ago, my bride gave me a copy of a book entitled “1000 Places to See Before You Die” with a nice inscription in the front that referenced wanting to visit a bunch of them together.  So, any time I know I’m going to a […]


the annual trip to Saint Simons Island

For the 4th consecutive year, I took the family with me for my annual workers’ comp law seminar at Saint Simons Island in southeast Georgia (I’ve gone every year since starting in 2004, save 2007, when I was in Iraq).  This year was a bit different in that I had […]