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July 2023: Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee

July started with camping out on our land by the Little Tallapoosa River in Alabama for the holiday weekend, including time on Lake Wedowee. A few days later, we picked up our son from camp and went out on Lake Lanier with friends before driving up to Nashville for a […]

June 2023 — Greece

We left Memorial Day weekend on a direct flight to Athens. We attended an AirBnB “experience” during which a man in a toga taught us that the penalty for adultery in ancient Greece was “radishes in the ass.” We learned more than that about the ancient Greeks, but that’s what […]

April 2023, including 10 days in Israel

Of the trips to 30 countries, 50 states, and 43 U.S. national parks I’ve taken, the trip we took in April with Bob Goff in Israel is likely my favorite. We started in Galilee, explored the Golan Heights, sailed the Sea of Galilee, walked in Capernaum, picnicked at Mount of […]

March 2023 – Key West and Nashville

In March, I saw some live music, a live William Shatner, volunteered to chaperone my 2 middle schoolers’ field trip to Nashville, and my wife and I went to Key West for a weekend work conference, and all were very enjoyable! Here are March 2023’s 31 seconds:

February 2023, and my friend Hal

February is always among my favorite months of the year, as I attend my annual Mardi Gras legal conference and, back in the day, the Dad 2.0 conference, along with an occasional ski trip and/or AAJ conference (last year I had 4 trips in February!). This year was similar–my bride […]

January 2023

During the first month of the new year, I did some group rides with my Harley Owners Group, I argued with some defense lawyers, and we rucked or mountain biked in the nearby woods. I saw my favorite dental hygienist again. I went up to the Hike Inn with L2L […]