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May 2022

May was full of failed mediations on Zoom, the conclusion of the school year, my youngest’s turning 12, continued issues with rats in our basement ceiling, and my first motorcycle rally before concluding with a 4-day diving trip off Key Largo. Bring on Summer.

April 2022

April started strong, brought some challenges, and ended with lots of live music. Here are its 30 seconds:

March 2022

March featured our family’s first ski trip in Park City, Utah, a return to mountain biking around Atlanta, and a bunch of zoom mediations. Good times.

February 2022

February started with a ski trip to Tahoe with friends I met in 1998 via the Tennessee Air National Guard. I skied 40 miles the first day and another 37 on sore legs the second day. A couple of us won a few hundred dollars at blackjack just across the […]

January 2022 in 31 seconds

January started in New Orleans, took me to Indianapolis to see Alabama lose to Georgia in the college football national championship game, allowed my 12th Len Foote Hike Inn visit, brought Atlanta a bit of snow, got me Hawks floor seats, and invited me to hear Darryl Strawberry speak. I […]

December 2021 in 31 seconds

For 2021’s final month, we started by taking the trip to Disneyland planned for May 2020; we learned to ride (and subsequently bought) a motorcycle; we returned to Cheaha State Park with my friends from childhood and their families; we attended a few holiday parties (better than attending zero holiday […]

a roadtrip to America’s newest National Park

About 6 months ago, I found a great deal to Salt Lake City, went online and saw that Park City’s ski slopes were set to open on November 19, and secured 5 Delta tickets, a couple Marriott hotel rooms, and 5 Epic ski passes. November 17, we learned the opening […]