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Clone Wars can tide us over until the next Star Wars

Know what that is?  It’s a portion of the approved leave of absence I filed with the court in which I spend the bulk of my time; I requested it in mid-August.  And the dates I picked?  My bride’s birthday (9/11) and opening day of the next “Star Wars” film.  […]

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What I took from the 2015 Dad 2.0 Summit

I’m sure my children wonder why I sometimes fly to different cities for a few days without their mother or them.  Most of the time, “it’s for work,” is all they know.  Maybe they’ll see a picture their grandmother shows them while I’m away from a silly website called The […]

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We didn’t tell the children they’d be spending the weekend preceding the boy’s 6th birthday at one of the 4 Disney theme parks.  I unassumingly signed up for a legal conference covering veterans disability claims to be held in Orlando, booked a room at the Shades of Green resort, and […]

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