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an electric road trip to north Alabama

We took our first electric roadtrip as a family last weekend, as the children got Columbus Day (and the preceding Friday + the following Tuesday) off.  We headed to Guntersville, Alabama on Saturday, where my parents live by the state park. But first, we stopped at a Nissan dealer in […]

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1,612 miles along I-20 in a new Tesla

A couple of weekends ago, I gathered with several friends from high school for a weekend of kayaking on the Hiwassee River like we did last year before we all turned 40.  While riding back with my friend Jim Bob (who’s my most car-knowledgeable friend…I tell people he’s “pooped while […]

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a few hours in Washington, D.C.

We arrived at the Hall of the States building at 9:40am and parked in the garage.  If you’ve ever tried to find parking in Washington, DC, you know what a chore that can be, especially if you’re seeking a monitored garage, so that your MacBooks, ipads, and cooler stay both […]

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Our family’s first extended road trip

For 10 days, the 5 of us are going to travel from Georgia to Delaware to Florida.  Along the way, we’ll visit Richmond, Washington DC, Lewes (where we’ll stop in DE), and Amelia Island.  The children will have been in 10 states (if the District of Columbia counts) when we […]

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