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my 18.5-hour day at the College Football National Championship

When you shut the door to my office, you see 3 framed University of Alabama degrees on the wall that I didn’t earn.  One from 1939 for Jamie Waid; one from 1941 for Prentice Thomas; one from 1967 for Janice Thomas.  When the first 2 were being pursued, the Tide […]

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How to enjoy a Bama game without being at the game

Since 1988, there has been but one voice worthy of exclaiming the magical words “Touchdown Alabama!” and that voice belongs to Eli Gold.  The only problem is…he’s on the radio, and if the ‘Bama game is on TV, I gotta listen to whoever the station carrying the game has hired […]

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A-day 2014

A few months ago, my friend Jody suggested that 4 of us who grew up together in Hendersonville, TN and all went to undergrad together at University of Alabama bring our families down to Tuscaloosa for the spring football game, affectionately abbreviated as “A-day.”  I’ve known Jody since 1983, which […]

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