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Jimmy Carter taught my daughter about sex, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We got The Note that schools send when they’re about to delve into “sex ed” a few months ago.  Do you know The Note?  The Note can make an otherwise good day awkward; I was afraid of The Note. In any event, we decided we should have a series of […]

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Christmas 2014

I don’t normally take the entire day off on Christmas Eve, but I decided to this year, and we visited the new ice skating arena that opened a couple miles from our house the previous weekend.  I hadn’t skated in years, and the 3 children had never even attempted it.  […]

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Dragon*Con is even better after “Clone Wars” viewings

Even before the children saw Episodes IV-VI of the original “Star Wars” trilogy (which was a mere 5 weeks ago), they had started streaming “Clone Wars” episodes via Netflix.  I wasn’t sure if these shows were appropriate for small children or not, as they usually turned it on Saturday mornings […]

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Avoiding “summer learning loss”

Ever heard of “summer learning loss“?  It’s what happens to children who get no mental stimulation over the summer, resulting in their falling behind their more summer enriched peers when school starts back in the fall.  Its prevalence goes up the further down the socioeconomic ladder the child is.  Our […]

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the 2014 Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta

I wasn’t supposed to be at the Mom 2.0 Summit this weekend in Atlanta.  I was supposed to be studying veterans disability law with my bride in Normandy, France for the 60-year anniversary of the Americans’ storming the beach there during WWII. However, continuing legal education (CLE) courses in France […]

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