Month: January 2015

My curious new relationship with Puss in Boots

A couple weeks ago, I got a package in the mail from Netflix, and it was a “Puss in Boots” calendar. I wasn’t sure how to react to such, so I took to The Instagram for help: I didn’t actually want a “whores in heels” calendar, but I didn’t actually […]


MLK weekend 2015

For the past several years–actually, for as many years as I can recall offhand–I haven’t had the Monday that is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off.  Since becoming self-employed in Spring 2009, I’ve always rationalized not taking the day off by thinking, “None of my employers gave it to me […]


New Year’s Day in New Orleans

Having dropped over $1000 for football tickets, we chose not to pay the inflated prices for airfare and elected to rise relatively early on January 1st and drive to New Orleans (after stopping in Montgomery to drop 3 children off at their grandmother’s house).  Did you know that I-10 is […]